About Me

My name is Lisa Kenney and I became aware the number of individuals in my home State of Colorado who had been convicted as juveniles to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP) when I watched the Frontline documentary, When Kids Get Life. I was so disturbed by what I’d watched that I began researching the subject of juveniles tried and sentenced as adults. I believe there are some serious problems with our justice system and with the way we, as a society view the juveniles convicted of serious crimes. Compassion in Juvenile Sentencing will attempt to seek information and insight from all sides of these issues. My intent is not to present a pro-offender or pro-victim perspective, but a pro-justice and human rights perspective, which encompasses both. This Weblog is a forum for presenting and discussing articles, rulings and issues related to this subject.

I work full time as a telecommunications industry executive. I’m an aspiring novelist and write a blog called Eudaemonia. My husband is the fine artist, Scott Mattlin.