News Story About Jacob Ind on Colorado Springs KKTV 11

I’ve posted a number of Jacob Ind’s essays on serving life without the possibility of parole. KKTV Channel 11 in Colorado Springs aired a story yesterday on the Jacob Ind case and asked their viewers the question, should juveniles who commit murders before the age of 18 be sentenced to life without parole.

It’s interesting to note that the judge in Jacob Ind’s case felt the sentence was too harsh and although the Colorado Attorney General felt that Jacob Ind and Gabriel Adams’ cases should have been tried in adult court, he would not have been opposed to sentencing them to prison terms that afforded the possibility of parole.

Colorado stopped sentencing juveniles to LWOP in 2006, but the change was not made retroactive for the 46 juveniles sentenced to LWOP in Colorado prior to the change.

The news broadcast can be seen here.


One response to “News Story About Jacob Ind on Colorado Springs KKTV 11

  1. I never herd of Jacob Ind until I found a book called “The Murder of Jacob Ind.” I am a detention officer and I was looking in our book collection for action books for one of our inmates. When I saw this book I got chills, I took the book home and begain to read it.
    I feel that Jacob is a innocent child who has grown into a man in a prision he does not belong in. I feel that he suffered enough as a child in the JORDAN home, he does not need to suffer anymore.
    I feel that he has had the most unfair life a child/man could ever have.
    Jacobs story needs to be broadcasted once again so that more people can hear about it. I would have never known his story if I never found the book about his life.
    Maybe if more people knew about Jacob Ind, we can get a pardon for him.
    Rhiannon B.
    po box 644
    Silver City NM 88061

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