Colorado Governor’s Office Cites Misinterpretation of Juvenile Clemency Board Eligibility Criteria

“When it was established last year, Colorado’s Juvenile Clemency Board was held out as a last ray of hope for young prisoners serving time for crimes they committed in their teens.

But 24 young prisoners serving life without parole – and many more serving lesser sentences – are ineligible to petition the board to reduce their sentences.

A misunderstood eligibility rule appears to be the problem.

It recently came to light when Christopher Selectman, 30, who is serving a life sentence for gunning down a man during a drug deal when he was 16, asked for an application and was told he wasn’t entitled to one.

That’s because he was 18 – an adult – by the time he was sentenced, according to his prison case manager.

In his executive order establishing the juvenile clemency board last fall, Gov. Bill Ritter said it was designed for juvenile offenders who had been tried as adults.”

Read the rest from the Rocky Mountain News here.


7 responses to “Colorado Governor’s Office Cites Misinterpretation of Juvenile Clemency Board Eligibility Criteria

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  7. Dear Kelly,
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