USA Today Weighs in On Juvenile LWOP

In this article in USA Today, Annette Fuentes says:

“It’s time to ease the too-tough, and ill-conceived, sentencing of juveniles.

Vengeance and harsh retribution have been the guiding principles in our treatment of youth in the criminal justice system since the crack-cocaine tinged crime wave of the late 1980s crested and then fell in the mid-1990s. States got tough with laws that allowed the prosecution of juveniles as adults in certain felony crimes, as well as the sentencing of youth convicted of murder-related crimes to life without the chance of parole.

Now a downturn in violent juvenile crime, coupled with more data on the development of the adolescent brain, are prompting some states to rethink whether the harsh punishments still fit the crimes.”


One response to “USA Today Weighs in On Juvenile LWOP

  1. This one-for-all sentencing policy is criminal and should be abolished at once. A 16-year-old girl with no previous criminal record should not be serving life in prison without parole. Where is the humanity and decency and common sense in our American justice system. This sentence is not justice. It is vicious, sad and reprehensible.

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