Categorically Less Culpable

On February 13th, the Illinois Coalition for Fair Sentencing of Children released a new report, Categorically Less Culpable: Children Sentenced to Life Without Possibility of Parole in Illinois.

The Northwestern Law website has links to more information related to the report. The following is a summary of the coalition’s recommendations to the Illinois legislature:

– Pass legislation that abolishes the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for children

– Apply this new legislation retroactively

– Include victim notification provisions in any legislation passed

It’s interesting to note that the executive summary of the report notes that in 2006, Colorado outlawed juvenile LWOP outright. What the summary fails to note though is that Colorado failed to apply the elimination of juvenile LWOP retroactively.

This inequity has to be righted. Across the country, there is momentum to eliminate juvenile LWOP. In Colorado we’ve made some progress, but we have to continue to fight for retroactivity for the 46 inmates remaining for whom retroactivity was not extended.

If we believe LWOP is unfair for juveniles yet to be sentenced, it’s unfair to those already sentenced.


2 responses to “Categorically Less Culpable

  1. Learning that Jacob is a White Supremacist is the most ridiculous disappointing thing ever. You’d think after all the abuse he suffered at the hands of his own mother and step-father and with years of counseling that he’d learn to be a humble, kind, loving, decent, accepting person who embraces those who are not like himself.

    The irony of deciding to become an arrogant hateful prideful ethnocentric self righteous ignorant person who hates minorities is shocking revolting and disturbing. I no longer support his right to be free as I now belive he would contribute nothing positive or constructive to society. We have enough “Identitarianism” within our society among free men and it’s quite perverse and sickening.

    And the fact that Jacob signed a petition with an offensive picture of an African-American male on it to abolish the Jena Committee simply because it’s an interracial organization is disgusting! If Jacob doesn’t care to mix with other human beings from different ethnic backgrounds than himself that’s his problem. I don’t appreciate him attempting to determine that NOBODY else should mix due to his own personal sick misguided beliefs!

    The last thing we need is another “free” White Supremacist in our society. I would like see him get the help and spiritual deliverance he needs to become a productive member of society who is not a threat to minorities diversity or miscegenators like myself.

    • Bonita, we are 100% in sync with regard to white supremacists. The fact that Jacob Ind has adopted white supremacist beliefs and is associated with them in prison doesn’t come as an enormous surprise, though I was a little surprised as he seemed far too intelligent to ascribe to it. Having said that, prison is its own sick microcosm and apparently it is very segregated by race. I can’t imagine gravitating toward those types under any circumstance, but then again, I can’t imagine murdering anyone either. Having said all that, I consider the issue of sentencing juveniles to life without parole one issue and I consider the question of whether or not Jacob Ind or any of the other 40+ inmates in Colorado who are serving life without the possibility of parole should be given the opportunity to seek freedom to be two different questions and I have intentionally stayed away from the second. My observation would be that should someone like Jacob ever get the opportunity to go before a parole board, affiliation with white supremacists will certainly not weigh in his favor.

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