Sara Kruzan

I think Sara Kruzan is an example of a young woman who deserves a second chance. There is no question that murdering anyone, even someone apparently as despicable as her victim was, is wrong. Punishment is necessary, but so is rehabilitation and the possibility of a chance to start over. What do you think?


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  1. Sara is a wonderful girl who had a very unfortunate childhood though none of it her fault. I spoke to her last week for the first time and she is a friend of my daughter serving life with her. She called me to make me feel better although it is them that has it rough. She gave me some pretty incredible advice comming from a young lady who has been locked up since she was 16 years old. WHAT are these lawmakers thinking? Or shall I say NOT thinking!! Ehat can possibly be accomplished by keeping this young lady and many more like her. I know some polititions, lawyers, judges, senators and the like who commit THE most horrible crimes under the noses of the public and yet they even get PAID for their actions!!

    • Laura,

      I am the coordinator of the Alabama Women’s Resource Network (, working to reduce the number of women in prison in Alabama. I posted a video of Sara and AWRN supporters would really like to send her and your daughter letters.

      If you feel comfortable doing so, please send me their addresses. Also, our phone number is at our site,, if you are able to call me to discuss.

      Best Wishes,


  2. I am the wife of an inmate and have been dealing with the prison system for 13 years now. As I am going to school to become a paralegal, one of my writing assignments is to write an essay and I chose to write on juveniles doing 25 to life. In doing my research I came upon Sara’s story. It touched me. I think that she should be given a chance. She was in a bad situation and was very young. I would also like to be given the chance to write her to let her know how I feel and that she has my full support!

    • This was on the Facebook site supporting Sara

      Here is the address to write to her: Sara Kruzan, Central California Women’s Facility, P. O. Box 1508, Chowchilla, CA 93610

  3. Sara Kruzan is an amazing young woman. She is a role model. I know this because I met her when I was in CCWF. She is truly someone to admire and respect. I say this for so many reasons, however, I am going to name just a few. In a place where drugs and smoking cigarettes are everywhere, she is abstinent. Instead of getting involved with the wrong people, she leads an aerobic class in her dorm. Sara was also working in PIA as a “lead”, which is the highest pay slot in the institution. Sara chose to enroll in college classes. She understands that education is important. I, on the other hand, can’t understand why she gave up her pay slot. For Sara, it is about feeling good about setting goals and accomplishing them. She is intelligent. She is beautiful. She is positive. She is a role model.

  4. Last year I was released from L.S.P. after serving a 7yr sentence. During that time I had the opportunity to meet Sara through mail correspondence. However, after hurricane Katrina we lost contact. Nevertheless, during the few months we wrote she kept my head above water, and even above that. Sara has a gift, a gift that keeps on giving. She is my hero…

  5. Sara Kruzan is my aunty, i love her & i hate that she is still locked up. Its unfair she has been in there too long !

  6. Cassandra Boswell

    I am from Riverside I cam across this story because I am in Colorado fighting cps/dhs. I defnitely think that when you have people in black robes that do not evenknow you, they just know what they read from a paper & what behavior is stereotyped from a certain type of ppl or what they learned fr books when they were in school, A lot of times these ppl we rely on to make good judgements unfortunately do not. She killed a man that was forcing her to put her life in danger for him everyday which in my opinion is pre-meditated & attempted murder. Thats what pimps do the commit attempted murder. They know there is a chance a girl can be killed.
    I have no feelings that he is dead in fact I think she did justice to society.
    And I hope the judge who sentenced her never has a female relative that is brainwashed & forced into a life a living hell.
    A prostitute is walking dead, She is never in her right frame of mind like a sleepwalker. She is programmed into fear.
    Sara is not dead & more people need to rally behind her we need to ask the Gov. of California to commute her sentence as time served and release he immediately.
    To many people are in prisons and in situations like min& no one wants to hear or help us.
    No one wants to listen when the truth is being told a lie is just so comforting.

    Sara killed that animal because her life was in danger. If anyone disagrees go on to Riverside down there by UCR and find a pimp & work for him & when he tells you he will kill you if you don’t do as you are told & he means it then & only then would you understand what a 16 yr old was going thru.
    Maybe that judge needs to have a pimp control their life see what it’s like.
    All you lawmakers,politicians and who ever else in power in California if you continue to ignore this girls case and allow her to stay in prison you are no better than the scum sucking ,leaching,lazy,uneducated,ignorant pimps on the street.

    I am in Colorodo because my husband is in the Army if anyone see’s this and are not afraid of CPS and the truth and also would like to hear my teenagers side of the story contact us at


  7. mary phoebe vanderhorst

    she should have never done one moment and her judge is the one with no morals and no scruples. free sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i would like to get in touch with sara kruzan to write to her and to support her in any way that i can.i need her contact details. i would be grateful if somebody could let me have them nam myo ho renge kyo

  9. Dear marissa, i would like to get in touch with your auntie sara kruzan and write to her. i am living in london at the moment and would like to help sara. please contact me on or phone me on my vonage number its free 404 806 0534

  10. this is a real serious topic; I read about “life without parole” for the first time today. I hope that there will be a change in the near future, so that juveniles don´t have to stay in prison for the rest of their lives

  11. Iin light of Sotomayor’s hearings, amusing to find such a clear example of when a wise Latina might make a better decision than a white male…

  12. Marissa Arnold

    i want to thank everyone for their support on my aunts behalf.. when i visit her i tell her about your comments. & yes she is someone who deserves a second chance, thankyou again..

    _Free my auntyyyy 😦

  13. I just learned about this shocking and disgusting miscarriage of justice today on the Care2 website. Another example of the two-tiered “justice” system here in U.S. One for the rich and well-connected (and of course politicians and powerful religions), and another for youth, women, persons of color and the poor. How many rich people are on death row? Then of course there is the great problem of wrongful convictions of the innocent, many of whom are freed later due to the efforts of folks like the Innocence Project. Let’s not forget the terrible effects of the “Three Strikes” law, and stupid drug policies. We can see how rediculous they are. But, of course this all keeps the prison industrial complex, with prison slave labor extremely profitable.

  14. This is outrageous! Americans are just sitting back in complacent apathy while their children are being locked up and the key thrown away? No juvenile should EVER be tried as an Adult! Why? Because they are not one! This has been proven by science and modern medicine. The U S is becoming more barbaric than the countries it fights. It is behind the times in the discoveries in psychology for women and children. The U S has a clear and present agenda to lock up as many of it’s citizens as possible, unless of course they are wealthy. Statistics have proven that the USA has more of it’s citizens incarcerated than any other nation in the world!

  15. I am an Australian and have just read about this girls circumstances. Very simply there has been a gross miscarriage of justice that would not be tolerated in Australia. Why was she even tried as an adult? Yes her crime needs some form of punishment and then rehabilitation. The presiding judge in this case clearly did not have his brain working.

    I will watch this case, to a non-American if this is an example of US justice then all I can say that the US needs to take a long hard look at itself.

    US legislators should try standing up and implementing fair and equitable justice, not vote hunting.

  16. What was the judge thinking… its a outrage that this angel is behind bars!! FREE SARA, FREE SARA, FREE SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. And myt i add, i was in tears when i saw her story on youtube… but i feel much better now that i know that this lovely girl has so much support and so many loving friends to take care of her!

  18. I am trying to get more information about this outrageous case. I won’t call it a “miscarriage of justice” because something can’t be “miscarried” unless it’s “conceived” first, and that doesn’t happen in cases of poor, black people in the U.S..

    Although I’ve done a lot of searching for information, I haven’t even been able to find out simple things like the names of the judge and prosecutor, whether there was a jury, what kind of defense did she have, etc.. Is there a trial transcript? Were there newspaper articles at the time of the trial?

    And Sara needs a defense committee, and a web page that isn’t mainly a place for egomaniacal MySpace “friends” to post their pictures and irrelevant comments on top of ugly and distracting wallpaper.

    If anybody wants to contact me directly, do it at .

  19. Putting my email address inside angle brackets didn’t work. Here it is, in anti-spam form:

  20. How do I write to Sara directly?

  21. It there any recent news on Sara Please? Can you let me know or leave information here please?

  22. hey i would love to write to sarah and let her know she’s not alone. if she has an email or address please share it with me so i can write her and let her know there are plenty of ppl rooting for her to get out soon. FREE SARAH. my email is

  23. sorry my name was written wrong. LOL its Marie

  24. i just watched a youtube video on sarah and it struck me to the core. she is obviously an incredibly strong woman and deserves a second chance. i would LOVE the opportunity to be able to write to her and express my feelings to her. if anyone has her address, could you PLEASE email it to me at thankyou all so much… i’m still crying as i write this.

  25. This story has touched me so deeply. This young woman is a True Hero!!!!!
    US system is so messed up and it has been for a long time. Justice???? Where is Justice in this country??????
    Our poor children are suffering!!!! Innocent girls like Sarah and how many more are out there?
    This is horrible what this young woman had to overcome and all I would say to the Judge who sentenced her…Do you have any children? How do you sleep at night???
    I believe that we the people of US have to come together and start changing laws in this country,especially when it comes to children, For God sakes, Pets are treated more fairly then our children in this country, It is embarrasing it is disgusting!!!!! As politicans always talk about making friends with our allias, haaa, Why don’t they start making friends with our children and keep our children safe and just and get the scum bags off the streets so our children don’t suffer anymore!!!!!!
    I am deeply sorry what happened to Sara and would really be honored to send her a letter or E-mail, If anyone would be so kind to pass it on.

  26. I’m truly appalled by this and it saddens me as an American that we can be so barbaric and sentence someone under 18 to LIFE plus four and no possibility of parole. In my opinion there is absolutely no place for such draconian punishments for someone this age. Incarceration suppose to be about rehabilitation not punishment. If we as a society feel that we can not rehabilitate a 16 year old girl then that’s a sad commentary on our system of justice.

    I don’t know all the particulars in this case but there’s no way that we, as Americans, should ever condone a child going to prison forever. I don’t care what the circumstances are or how terrible the crime may be. We as Americans usually cry out when we see abuses in other countries but how can we when things like this are going on in our own backyard.

  27. Does anyone know how I can get intouch with this young girl?

  28. hi everyone if you would like to write Sara then you would have to ger her address from me.. ¡ am her niece & im willing to help anyone who supports my aunty & she definitely appreciates everyones love
    -contact me ;

    • My name is Richard Voltaire I was browsing on youtube, and came upon Sarah. Her story touch me so deeply, that it brought me too tears. I can’t remember the last time I cry, but I couldn’t help it. Their are drug dealers, Rapist, bank robbers, and cold blooded killers in jail. Sarah is none of thee above yea she is located up like some animal. For what Sarah has been through in her life and still found a way to keep her sanity, she is more of a remodel in jail, then some people who are free. As long as it takes I will pray for the freedom of Sarah. Keep your head up your aunt will be free by the grace of God. If Sarah every wants to talk my phone number is 857 417 2551 my Email is up top I will write her. Soon free God bless

    -sorry for all the typos

    • Marissa baby, I can’t even sit here and say that I know what you are going through. What I will say is this, keep the faith and know that there are people out here who truly care. Please pass on to your auntie that Lena says to keep the faith. God can do any but fail!!! Many blessings to you and to Sarah. I am passing along a petition to get Sarah freed. Please tell her that Lena in NY will be praying for her every night until she comes home!!!

  30. This situation is beyond belief, Sara was a child that was abused for 13yrs. by people she trusted, this pimp, gained her trust and than betrayed her in the worst way possible… Sara is 29 yrs old, she has an makes no excuses, knows she was wrong and believes she deserved to be punished…but LIFE PLUS 4YRS is the sentence for a 13yr that endured so much pain… NO, NO, NO…She deserves to be evaluated, counseled and shown some mercy…. Give her the chance that she deserves… FREE SARA, FREE SARA, FREE SARA

  31. Hello,
    I’m moved by Sarah’s story and would love to write her a letter. Can someone please provide me her address.

  32. Anthony Hernandez

    I am so blown away by this story I can not even tell you enough! I have watched this video for the last week everyday. Sarah is so intelligent. I could not stop thinking about her all day at work today. I feel that I have to get involved some way some how. Can anybody give me an address for Sarah so I can right to her directly please!!!!!!

  33. I’m stunned and shocked on how the justice system has failed Sarah. I’m 31 also and my heart really goes out to Sarah. I’ve deployed to Iraq twice and I’ve seen alot so my skin is tough, but after reading Sarah’s story I couldn’t help but to cry, how can the Governor or anyone else in the justice system sleep at night. I don’t know Sarah but my heart goes out to her and I want to do all I can to help her. After I post this comment my next step is to write our wonderful President Barrack Obama because I just can’t sit idle.

  34. Hello, i just saw a youtube video about what happen to sarah kruzan and i think is so wrong of them to judge her. I think there has been many kids that has die out there and murder has escape and what she did was to save her life many woman and young girls has die in the arms of those ugly wasted men. I think the one that has the right to judge us is god and when a woman did wrong in his eyes and we are know that god forgives her and she has been in there long in enough. im 30 years old i have a family of my own and it would be nice for her to have a family of her own so she can teach her kids better then what her mother couldnt do for her. this is my opinion. Dont cry sarah god will here your prayers and he will find justice for you just keep praying to the lord and find your heart to him let him enter in your life. email if anybody has a comment to what i said. god bless sarah

  35. To Theresa Freeman: You Go Girl! In fact thank you very much. I didn’t know who to contact or what route to take in order to help Sarah. Perhaps Amnesty International. There is also a justice project, the correct name of which I can not remember. They help convicted people who are most likely innocent or have been too harshly sentenced, like Sarah. It may be called the Innocence Project. Can you or any one who is saavy with the internet, please try and find out, and perhaps contact them? Thanks, Cee

  36. What town was this in? What newspaper covered the story? What date was the conviction story publicized? Where is the Media coverage, TV station? Where are the facts verified in this story? Just wondering?

  37. Shonda Peterson

    Hi Sara I want to help you with your appeal please contact me through your email so i can help you

  38. Hello-
    I was in disbelief when I hear about the story of Sara Kruzan. My heart goes out to her with so much sadness. I was lost for words when I found out that she was only a child when this all happen to her. I was wonder is there any way that I email or write to Sara to show her my support during this storm?! P.S I am so ashamed of the U.S Justice system.

  39. I was in disbelief when I hear about the story of Sara Kruzan. My heart goes out to her with so much sadness. I was lost for words when I found out that she was only a child when this all happen to her. I was wonder is there any way that I email or write to Sara to show her my support during this storm?! P.S I am so ashamed of the U.S Justice system

  40. You know, I could careless if Sarah chopped him up in a thousand pieces it still does not excuse that slime for what he did to her. That judge lacked moral scruples when he handed Sarah that bogus sentence! I also find it very suspect that no one within earshot of this case heard about it until now! WHAT! I am mortified. There is a petition circulating. Click on my name to get there! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU SARAH!!!

  41. It has touched my heart to read a story like this. I would like to send my prayers out to Sara. God bless this angel.

  42. would certainly like to see the transcript , that prompted the judge to throw the book at this [ then child ] !

  43. Can someone find out who the judge is that ruled on her case so we can look into his history and expose him?

  44. R. Wayne Branch

    I agree. What is the name of the judge? Who do you write in support of her parole of sentencing reconsideration? Where is the website and who is leading the charge? I will happily write her (I would imagine she needs all the encouragement she can get), the judge, the California Parole Board, the NAACP, the governor.

  45. Mary Ann Martorana

    The reason Sara is in prison for life is because she is a brown skinned person from a disadvantaged back round. In the California Injustice system, only affluent and/or influential whites are deemed capable of being rehabilitated. Anyone poor or minority will get the harshest possible sentence without exception, unless they are fortunate enough to have a high-profile pro-bono lawyer fighting for them. This is the way it is in California and has been since the time of Reagan. Until there is a unbiased federal investigation, the machine will continue to churn on, destroying lives and creating high-paying jobs for those who feed the machine the souls of our fellow citizens.

  46. SECOND REQUEST>>> Can anyone produce the dates and newspaper articles on the trial and conviction and the original crime? Facts, not just poor Sara… I agree she was misprepresented and the judge is an idiot, but I want to read the original article when she killed him and the trial coverage and see the original documents…. Can anyone produce facts in this case?

  47. Marissa, please email me with Sara’s info as I would like to help. Maybe we can start a grassroots movement and get her out, she has served enough injustice.

    Went to this site from Elia, when you type in Guest and No Password Required as it says, it denies entrance to site,…..LOG IN FAILED six times sorry

  49. It is a pay per view site. Her case will be in there, they go back 20 years in Riverside Municipal Criminal Court. If you already went there and got the documents, please post them for everyone to see. I searched her name on the site and they have nothing available currently or for free, just 7.50 plus 7 cents a page to view or print. Thanks Elia

  50. type GUEST in all caps and will work… for paying….you can see the minutes of each court date w/o paying…..including the judges names and such


    Go to the site above and sign your name to a petition to end treatment like Sara received.
    After reading the trial minutes, limited data provided, I came to the following conclusions.
    Her public defender waived every right she had, produced no witnesses on her behalf and allowed her testimony to be her only defense, she was 16 and uneducated, how persuasive do you think she was? Every motion her attorney presented was denied and after sentencing the judge decreed she was only allowed 4 visitors during her life sentence….Nicole Kruzan, who testified for the Prosescution, Amy Kruzan, Anne Rogan and Catherine Brown. I have never heard of telling someone they can not have visitors while pulling a life sentence. The officers of this court and the jury members in this case are guilty themselves of a ridiculous injustice to this young lady, who despite her sentence and circumstances, appears to have educated herself and not turned into the unredeemable criminal they sentenced her as. They did a horrible thing condemning a victim of unspeakable child abuse to a life behind bars. Go to the site above and sign your name to the petition.

  52. This is so so sad, a poor child sentenced to life by a system that should have been there to protect her in the first place.

    I always thought the US was a God Fearing country and maybe it is but it’s certainly not shown through the eyes of the law.

    My heart and prays are with you Sara.

    Steve UK

  53. If she’s still at Central California Women’s Facility, (from Sharon’s comment) the address for mail to inmates is:

    P. O. Box 1508
    Chowchilla, CA 93610

    I just looked it up on line

    I just saw her video on Youtube and definitely want to write her.




  56. I want to do a story about this on the but I simply can’t find any information on the case, no appeals – nothing.

    I tried using Westlaw and searching the CA court websites with no avail.

    Has anyone found it and is willing to share?


  57. I found a whole lot more info on this story, I don’t know if it helps or hurts her cause.

    More than 15 years ago, a slight 16-year-old girl killed her former pimp inside a Riverside motel room, shooting him in the neck with a pistol when he turned his back. She took $1,500 from his pocket and the keys to his Jaguar.

    But prosecutors argued at trial that Howard no longer employed Kruzan at the time of the killing, and that a week earlier, she had moved into the Rubidoux home of one of Howard’s rivals — a drug dealer who put her up to robbing and shooting him.

    On March 10, 1994, Kruzan agreed to go to the movies with the 36-year-old Howard and spend the night with him at the Dynasty Suites motel on Iowa Avenue. She packed a pistol.

    “She seduced and she killed,” prosecutor Timothy Freer, now a Riverside Superior Court judge, told jurors.

    Kruzan confessed to the slaying upon her arrest, four days after a maid found her purse left behind at the motel. But it was only when she testified at trial that she stated Howard’s rival had threatened her life if she didn’t shoot him, prosecutors said.

    The district attorney’s office offered a plea deal that offered Kruzan possible parole but she refused, officials said then. Her defense attorney, David Gunn, also now a judge in Riverside, asked Hanks to consider a lesser sentence, citing her upbringing and life under a pimp.

    It didn’t appear that anyone else, including any relatives, spoke in Kruzan’s support at her 1995 sentencing.

  58. God bless you Sara!!! Sara should not be facing this type of sentence…its cruel and unusual punsihment for her situation!!!!!! It seems like the justice system would have preferred her to be dead….she saved her life!!!! put your child in her shoes….now tell me what mind set she was in!!!

  59. not hoodwinked any more

    The facts hurt her case, it wasn’t self defense. It wasn’t “to get away”… it was premeditated, cold blooded murder, not a victim that night. Got a gun, lured the victim, pulled the trigger, GOT REVENGE. The courts DON”T look to fondly on revenge/vigilante killing! Sorry, Sarah

  60. i just wont to know where she is lock down at because i wont to write her and just be there for her fuck the law

  61. sonja wilson-johnson

    sara knows me as wilson johnsn. sara and i were cellmates in the facility that she is currently in. i would like for everyone who supports her to know that she is an amazing young women. she very smart talented an so creative. i feel that if given a chance, sara would be a very productive citzen in the community. she deserves a chance at life like everyone else. even though she is incarcerated she tries to help others inside of prison walls. i wish sar a well and will continue dto pray that she released soon

  62. The California prison system is a business for profit. Until you all are ready to address & attack THAT issue, all of your other efforts are wasted & in vain. If you believe the system wronged her, why bring up her good character? As if it’s ok for people with less integrity to get wrongfully railroaded by the system, but not sweethearts. Nothing ever changes in our favor because we never attack the REAL problems in the wicked ass nation.We are as much to blame for Sara’s situation as the pimp & the judge. Let’s get real people!

  63. Str8 Truth is exactly right, people complain about injustice but then don’t do anything about it.


  65. if anyone has her prison address or email address i would love it

  66. what I can we do to help SARA?…her situation is so unfiortunate…
    emailme @

  67. Sara is a close cousin, SUPPORT HER PLEASE

  68. melissa davison

    sarah my heart goes out to you. my name is melissa davison and my faster grandma was yours. i am 32 yrs old and she has you pix on her table. u and i have simuliar back grounds. and no one can say they no what you r going throw if they have not been there. but u DO NOT deserve this. grandma talks about u all the time. you have touched all the girls hearts that she has taken in. i dont no you sarah but i would love to. we r family and i am here for you. grandma sends her love. and we will meet and see you soon

  69. I nakesha Taylor the daughter of George Gilbert Howard feel like Sara kruzan should stay & jail for the murder of my father I don’t know Sara kruzan but I feel like its more to this story & she deserves her time for what she did she was young in I feel like she wanted to be with my father George Gilbert Howard in if she didn’t want to be on the streets or with George period we all have a mouth in ima the best I could to keep this girl locked up

  70. Pingback: Sara Kruzan`s case | ChildreninPrison

  71. Reblogged this on ChildreninPrison and commented:
    Sara was a child …

    • Everything she went through to lead to this tragedy happened to a child. She learned what was presented to her, like children do. When she grasped what was going on wasn’t right, she did what she learned at the hands of her educators. She got herself out of a bad situation when NO ONE, not one single ADULT around her could or would do for her. She has not hurt, attacked or assaulted another person, just her tormentor. She took her life back from someone who wouldn’t leave her alone, someone who just wanted to use and abuse her for their own personal gain. Self defense is not murder. She was afraid for her life, she just wanted him to stop. He wouldn’t.

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